Withdrawal Regulations

Withdrawal is an action that takes the manuscript out of the review process and places it back into the author's dashboard. 

Our View Regarding Withdrawal: In General, we do not suggest the article withdrawal, since it wastes valuable manuscript processing time, cost and works spent by the publisher. 

Withdrawal Steps:

  1. Pre-Review: is periods at which the author(s) submit(s) her/his article until to be sent for the review.    
  2. Peer-Review: is a period at which the manuscript is submitted completely to the website and is included in the review process.    
  3. Review-Final Decision: is a period from the acceptance of an article until to be sent for publication if the article meets the journal standards.    
  4. Post-Publication: when a paper is published (online and/or hard copy).    


  1. Pre-Review: The author(s) can withdraw their papers at this step without paying any charges and/or posing compelling reasons.    
  2. Peer-Review: The authors must have compelling reasons and pay withdrawal fee.    
  3. Review-Final Decision: The authors must have their compelling reasons and pay the withdrawal penalty.    
  4. Post-Publication: Withdrawing at this step is not possible at all.    

What Are Compelling Reasons?     

  • Plagiarism
  • Bogus claims of authorship     
  • Multiple submissions    
  • Fraudulent use of data or the like   
  • Infringements of professional ethical codes

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